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The choice of a college is the most important decision many young people will make, yet families often don’t have the information they need to ensure they’re making sound choices at this critical time. Admissions changes constantly, and it is often difficult for counselors to stay current.

That’s why we’re here. The Kennedy Consulting Group is dedicated to clarifying the college admissions process and helping families, high schools, and colleges make the most of it. Founder Michael Kennedy has spent more than 30 years in the field, much of it directing college counseling for top-tier preparatory schools. During this time, he helped more than 90% of his students gain admission to their college of choice with millions in scholarship offers.

Since 1994, Kennedy has provided private consulting to families, high schools, and colleges across the country on what each is looking for in the admissions process. He guides families step by step, helping them find the best match and positioning them for successful admission. He speaks to parent groups around the country, helps high schools strengthen their college counseling programs, and helps colleges conduct successful outreach to families. He has taught college counseling at the graduate level and has hosted national seminars for college counselors. He also serves as an expert on college admissions for local news media, appearing as a recurrent guest on WTVT Channel 13’s “Your Turn.”



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Groups can now access Kennedy Consulting in an intensive one-day “bootcamp” format. Participants receive the most up-to-date information on the admissions process and can choose to include consulting mini-sessions for individual families.


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