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Sample Format



  • Trendspotting: How the “business” of admissions has changed the process
  • Fit: How to find schools that are right for you
  • What the most competitive colleges want and how to demonstrate it
  • What matters at top state schools
  • Selectivity vs. value: Hidden gems beyond the big names
  • Paths of least resistance: Colleges that admit by major and what that means for admission
  • How to make various types of admission work for you (early decision, early action, rolling, etc.)
  • What really counts: The most over- and underrated aspects of the application
  • The role of the family and high school: What each must do
  • “Minority” status and gender: When it helps and hurts in admission, what to do about it
  • Common mistakes to avoid


  • Standardized tests: Which to take and when; how score reporting and usage has changed
  • The changing role of APs:  What you need now; advantages and loopholes
  • Courseload: Finding the right match for your abilities


  • The activities that matter to colleges: It’s about “going deep”
  • Essays: How you convey your experience makes all the difference
  • Recommendations: Picking the right sources and preparing them to make your case
  • Examples of what works and what doesn’t



  • College profiles: How to interpret them; their use and limitations
  • What colleges say publicly and do privately and how it affects your candidacy
  • Rumors, guidebooks, and the Internet: Identifying the best and worst sources of information
  • The interview and visit: What to look for and questions to ask


  • Financial aid: What to reveal and when; how to negotiate for aid
  • Scholarships: Where they are and how to qualify


  • Audience questions on any topic: Issues at specific colleges; state-school standards; ivy admission; accelerated medical programs; learning disabilities; dealing with poor grades on a transcript; NCAA; home schooling; etc.)


  • Families receive private, 30-minute consultation with Mike Kennedy about  their student’s case
  • Students provide transcripts, test scores, upcoming course selections, and survey responses prior to discussion
  • Families receive a customized list of colleges tailored to their situation
  • Families can ask questions and discuss next steps for specific colleges
  • Format may be an in-person meeting or phone conversation depending on course participation
College counseling camps

Kennedy Consulting’s college counseling camps are designed to help groups access the spectrum of Mike Kennedy’s insights in a compact one-day format. The format is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate a variety of needs and interests. Some groups choose to schedule time for families to have private, mini-consultations. Please contact us to schedule a camp for your school or group.

The information provided on this site is intended for counseling purposes only.  There is no guarantee of admission to any particular school or of scholarships or financial aid.